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Getting Started

The eGuard Development Kit is a general purpose development kit for adding and enhancing security features of your IoT or embedded system.

Unbox the Astek eGuard Development Kit. You should find the following items in your kit.


  1. A0-SKT-01 Circuit Board
  2. Header wires
  3. Headers


Connecting to System

The Astek eGuard Development Kit is connected to the system using J2. Four (4) signals must be connected to the processor/system.

  • Serial Clock
  • Serial Data
  • Power (3.3V or 5.0V)
  • Ground


Female to female cables are included with the Development Kit for connecting the Astek eGuard Device to processor units with male headers on them. Additional headers are included with the kit to connect to processor modules containing female headers. If needed, the header can be broken apart by hand or using pliers.

Connect the signals to the processor unit as listed below.

  • SDA -> Serial Data of processor. Usually called SDA.
  • SCL -> Serial Clock of processor. Usually called SCL.
  • GND -> Ground of processor.
  • PWR -> 3.3V or 5.0V power on processor.