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                      Astek Terms and Conditions


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Astek Terms and Conditions for Use of this Site

1. This website is for use by Astek Corporation employees, suppliers, partners, customers and prospective customers use only.

2. You may not copy or archive this website for any commercial purpose, excepting for creating search databases which are publicly accessible and for general use. You are specifically prohibited from using the contents of this website for creation of market research, market information databases, or other types of proprietary databases which are sold or require subscription fees, without the written permission of Astek Corporation.

3. You may not alter, deface, or otherwise interfere with the normal operation of this website. Your use of this website must not cause interference in the accessibility of other users to this website, including excessive traffic.

4. Access to, and retention of cached data from this website constitutes acceptance of these terms, if you do not agree with these terms you must immediately cease accessing the site, and destroy any copies, caches or other downloaded content from this website including images, text, documents, source code, templates, stylesheets and HTML markup.

5. Certain program files used by this website are provided by the Joomla software distribution and as such are Copyright their respective authors and are licensed under the GNU/GPL. Astek does not cause, nor does it intend to cause distribution of any part of these source files or derived works by allowing you to access the dynamic output of these programs. To acquire the original source code for those parts of the program used by this site which are part of the Mambo distribution, you must go to the official Joomla software homepage located at https://www.joomla.org.