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$1,080.00 each

   The A34812-ITX is a 48-lanes 12Gb/s SAS/SATA expander in a mini-ITX form factor. This complete subsystem incorporates everything system vendors need to add next-generation storage support for JBOD and RBOD systems that need to support SAS and SATA target disks. Each SAS lane can connect to a disk, a host bus adapter (HBA) or cascade to another expander device. When configured for cascaded connections, the A34812-ITX allows a single SAS RAID or HBA card to drive hundreds of target disks. With support for LSI DataBolt(tm), the A34812-ITX expander board helps to maximize bandwidth utilization between legacy 3Gbps and 6Gbps media, and 12Gbps SAS hosts.  For additional performance, lanes can be aggregated into a 'wide' ports connecting an host to the A34812-ITX, and cascaded to additional expanders. The A34812-ITX includes a number of enclosure management features that allow system vendors to monitor temperatures, sensors and VPD information as well as control PWM fans for optimal noise management.


Host Bus Type n/a
Compliance ANSI T10 SAS specification 3.0
Modes Standalone fabric switch, Storage Enclosures
Supply Voltage 12V +/- 10%
Supply Power 30 Watts
SAS Bus Fourty-eight 12Gb/s SAS/SATA ports
SAS Bandwidths

3.0Gb/s (SAS1.0/SATA-II)

Single lane             - 300 MB/s
Wide Port (4 lanes)               - 1200 MB/s
Wide Port (8 lanes)               - 2400 MB/s

6.0Gb/s (SAS-2.0/SATA-III)

Single lane             - 600 MB/s
Wide Port (4 lanes)               - 2400 MB/s
Wide Port (8 lanes)               - 4800 MB/s

12.0Gb/s (SAS-3.0)

Single lane             - 1200 MB/s
Wide Port (4 lanes)               - 4800 MB/s
Wide Port (8 lanes)               - 9600 MB/s

Connectors External Internal
A34812-ITX-02 16 lanes routed through four SFF-8644 miniSAS HD connectors. 32 lanes routed through eight SFF-8643  miniSAS HD connectors.
Form Factor Mini-ITX, 140mm x 140mm
Protocols SAS-3, SAS-2, SES-2, SAS, SATA II, SATA III
Device Support Effectively unlimited (limited by HBA controller)
Agency Approval RoHS Compliant (lead-free)



    Relative Humidity


0° to 55° C

5 to 90% non-condensing


-40° to +85° C

5 to 90% non-condensing