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Compact Flash for Embedded Systems

Adding a solid state storage device to an embedded computer has never been easier. With Serial ATA support, the A1203-ADA-CF3 adapter allows system builders to use a CompactFlash card anywhere a SATA disk can be used. A jumper is provided to drive standard panel indicator activity LEDs. When a CompactFlash card is installed in the socket the host computer ‘sees’ a standard ATA type mass-storage device.

Write Protect Feature

The A1203-ADA-CF3 adapter also provides a hardware write protection function that cannot be overridden. Users can choose between an on-board slider switch, or supply their own off-board switch through a  standard 2-wire header, for example to provide a panel mounted switch. An indicator LED is mounted next to the on-board write protect switch to allow for visual confirmation of write protection. Once the write function is engaged, the host system will see the disk as a read-only device, and any attempt to write to the media will generate an error.  Some example applications include pre-loading a bootable image for a system that needs to resist tampering, such as kiosk systems.


  • Protected pre-loaded boot image for kiosk computers and public terminals.
  • Compliance with data-handling rules such as ensuring that runtime and user data is not stored on the boot media.
Host Bus Type Serial ATA  (7-pin)
Compliance ATA-5, SATA-I
Data Transfer Depends on CompactFlash card installed
Modes Depends on CompactFlash card installed, PIO, DMA and UDMA supported
Input Voltage +5.0V +/- 5%
Power 1.5 Watts
SATABus One 1.5Gbps SATA target port
SATA Bandwidth Single lane – 150 MBps
Connectors External Internal
A1203-ADA-CF2 One CompactFlash TypeI/II socket

One SATA 7-pin data connector

One SATA 10-pin power connector

4 pin 100-mil header jumper block

Form Factor custom
Agency Approval pending
Environments Operating Storage

-20° to 85° C (A1203-SDD-x)

0° to 70° C (A1203-ADA-CF2)

-40° to +85° C
Relative Humidity 5 to 90% non-condensing 5 to 90% non-condensing