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A73208-PCI Switch HBA : External Gen3 PCIe, x16, 2x8, 2x4x4 and 4x4.PCIe Switch Host Bus Adapter

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  The Astek A73208-PCI Switch HBA utilizes the PLX PEX9733 chip to produce an HBA capable of PCIe Gen3, 4x4 port (16-lanes) 8Gb/s PCIe HBA configurable to be 2x8, 4x4, or x16. 

 The Astek A73208-PCI 8Gb/s PCIe Switch HBA (A73208) provides external PCIe connectivity for applications needing low-latency, high-speed, high-bandwidth performance.  The A73208 enables external direct connect PCIe Gen3 between servers and NVMe JBOFs and avoids any latency issues caused by protocol conversions.  

Key features of the A73208-PCI:

1) HHHL form factor

2) Gen3 8Gbps PLX PEX9733 PCI Switch, Rev B0

3) x16 Gen3 Host Interface

4) Quad x4 External (x16) SFF-8644 connectors,

5) External UART provides CLI that allows FW Updates, access to HBA status/test functions, software configurability and customization

6) 100% compliant with the PCI SIG External Cable Interface Revision 3.0, Version 0.7 (Default sideband configuration).  Currently this is the only card available this is 100% PCI SIG compliant.

7) Mini-SAS HD Sideband signals are configurable to allow a 100Mhz differential PCIe reference clock and various hard PCIe Resets  

8) Support SRIS, SRNS and Non-SRIS

9) All Passive Cooling (No Active Fans required)


Part Number Description
A73208-PCI-01 External Gen3 PCIe, x16, 2x8, 2x4x4 and 4x4.PCIe HBA