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DDR5 CTC2 Test Fixture

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The A9-CTC2 Test Fixture enables designers to access all signals from a DDR5 DIMM by plugging a DIMM directly into the test fixture. The test fixture is constructed from high speed, low loss MEGTRON 6 material. The test fixture also allows direct control of the I2C lines by connecting to a USB terminal. The test fixture can be assembled with a high performance DDR5 DIMM socket, a standard DDR5 DIMM socket or the board can be assembled without any DDR5 DIMM socket attached.

• All high-speed signals brought out to SMP connectors
• All signals matched to within 1 ps
• High performance DIMM connectors (1000s of insertions)
• Supports DIMM testing AND test card testing (RCD test card, DB test card, etc)
• Power adapter architecture provides “expansion” capability for advanced power testing
• USB connection to I2C (J3C) signals (I2C adapter can be removed via jumpers)
• Banana jacks for power input

o 12V and 3.3V for DIMM mode
o 1.1V and 1.8V for Test Card mode

• Reference traces for calibration of BERT and scope
• De-embed files are available

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DDR5 SMP replacement kit provides four (4) extra SMP connectors used to repair broken connectors on the A9-CTC2, A9-DIMM5, and A9-CNTL test fixture products.

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SMP to SMA adapters

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The recommended number of adapters per fixture is 5 (2 for DIN, 2 for DOUT, and 1 for CLK).

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