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A73216-PCI-01-02 HBA: Extern Gen4 PCIe x16, 2x8, 4x4

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The Astek A73216-PCI 16Gb/s PCIe Switch HBA (A73216) provides external PCIe connectivity for applications needing low-latency, high-speed, high-bandwidth performance.  The A73216 enables external direct connect PCIe Gen4 between servers and NVMe JBOFs and avoids any latency issues caused by protocol conversions.  The A73216 does lane bifurcations of x1, x2, x4, x8 and x16. The A73216 directly attaches to drives, PCIe targets, or other PCIe Switches for expansion purposes. The A73216 Bifurcation capability allows users to directly attach up to 16 x1 NVMe SSDs, eight 2x2 NVMe SSDs, or Four 1x4 NVMe SSDs.  In addition, the user can create lane widths from x1 to x16 for downstream PCIe targets.  The A73216 Switch is enterprise-class with passive cooling and Downstream Port Containment (DPT) to avoid system issues in the event of cable disconnects or drive failures.  The A73216 automatically provides the maximum speed and bandwidth available with the target device.  The A73216 PCIe HBA is based on the PLX PEX88032, B0 Gen4 PCIe Switch.


Key features of the A73208-PCI:

1) PCIe Gen4 16Gb/s External connectivity. 

2) High Performance with 16Gb/s PCIe Data Transfer Rates. 

3) Quad Mini-SAS HD (SFF-8674) External Connectors. 

4) Base Mode and Synthetic Mode

5) External UART with CLI

6) FW Upgradeable. 

7)HHHL PCIe CEM Form Factor

8) Compliant with PCI SIG External Cabling Revision 4.0, Version 3.0

9) 100% Active Cooling (No Fans Required). 

10) PCIe Clocking Options include: SRIS/SRNS, NON-SRIS, Common-Clocking, and On-Board Clocking. 

73216-PCI-01-02 External Gen4 PCIe, x16, 2x8, 2x4x4 and 4x4.PCIe HBA