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Quality Policy

Astek’s Commitment to Quality

At Astek we are committed to quality.  We truly recognize that meeting customer needs is what our business is all about.  Customer  satisfaction is essential to our success and continuous improvement of our processes and products is our key to customer satisfaction.  These sentiments are reflected in our quality policy.

Astek Quality Policy: 

Customer Satisfactionn and Continuous Improvement


Astek is certified to ISO 9001:2008

Using ISO 9001 as our model, we have implemented a system of management activities and controls to help ensure we constantly address our customer requirements and any applicable regulatory requirements.  Our system is defined, implemented and effective at achieving our goal of customer satisfaction.

Our ISO system focuses on control, consistency and improvement.  It is practical and easy to maintain.  Simply put, it leads us to add value to what we do and improve the way we do it.

We have demonstrated our commitment by registering our ISO system with Platinum Registration, Inc.  We found them thorough, precise and committed to ISO in a way that challenges us to ensure the effectiveness of our systems and to improve them.

Our accredited ISO 9001:2008 certificate is here for you to see.

Astek is proud to recommend our partner in developing this quality commitment and achieving ISO registration, Cavendish Scott .  Cavendish Scott were knowledgeable and ensured that our ISO 9000 system added value to our business by supporting our customer satisfaction goals. Cavendish Scott were efficient, effective and provided a comprehensive, value for money service.

To find out more about Cavendish Scott click on their logo below.