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Signal Quality Tester

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Astek Corporation's Signal Quality Test System (QP-SQT) is a complete test system for IEEE-1394b Beta transmit signal integrity and receive signal sensitivity testing. Testing is completed in accordance with the Base 1394 Test Suite Definition with Extensions for 1394b, AS5643/1 S400 Copper Media Interface Test Plan, and other standards. Two models of QP-SQT are available: the QP-SQT-4 supports S100, S200, and S400 testing and the QP-SQT-8 supports S400 and S800 testing. The default configuration for the receiver sensitivity tester is capacitive coupled.

Astek's Signal Quality Tester (formerly QP-JSFSQT) is built upon a scalable platform with a VersaPHYTM backchannel and targeted at Beta signal quality testing. Engineered to conveniently test both transmitter signal integrity and receiver sensitivity, the SQT automates both sets of tests. The QP-SQT Test System requires Windows 7, MS-Excel 2007 or later, and GPIB support (National Instruments GPIB support is recommended).

Transmit Tester

The SQT's Signal Integrity Tester (SQT-SIT) is used to test the output of the device under test (DUT). The data acquired from the oscilloscope is post processed using commonly available and inexpensive MS-Excel. The flexible post processing method allows for Near End and Far End measurements. Additionally, IEEE-1394b and SAE AS5643 parameters are used to qualify the results to determine if the transmitter is meeting the specification requirements. Using the appropriate Test Fixture, all ports of the DUT can be tested. Astek provides automation support for several oscilloscopes. Please contact Astek for the lastest list of supported oscilloscope models from Keysight, LeCroy, and Tektronix.

SQT-SIT measures the following parameters:

  • Baud rate
  • Differential amplitude
  • Rise/Fall time
  • Eye diagram with mask
  • Jitter
  • Differential skew
  • Common mode voltage

Receive Tester

The SQT's Receive Tester (SQT-RT) conditions real world signals to provide worse case amplitude. By stressing the input of the device under test (DUT) in this manner a comprehensive receiver test can be done quickly and inexpensively. The SQT-RT is designed to test up to 3 port devices during one test run. SQT-RT is also designed to provide a first order indication of BER in approximately 3 minutes per port when directly connected to the DUT. Astek provides a variety of cables to interconect to the SQT-RT's 9-pin connectors (38999, HSD, USCAR, RJ-45, and others are available). Please contact Astek for the latest list of standard cables. Custom cables can also be built by Astek.

SQT-RT measures the following parameters:

  • Receiver sensitivity
  • Real world Bit Error Rate (BER)
  • Receiver margin