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High Speed Interconnect Tester

High Speed Interconnect Tester
High Speed Interconnect TesterSoftware Screen of HSIT
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Astek Corporation's High Speed Interconnect Tester (HSIT) enables high-speed testing of cables, slip-rings, backplanes and other interconnect technologies. The HSIT's eight generic DC, low speed and high speed channels are configured through technology specific Connector Saver Modules such as USB, FireWire, HDMI, DisplayPort, SATA, SAS, PCIe, Camera Link HS, etc... Astek Corporation provides a variety of standard Connector Saver Modules and custom modules may be developed upon request.


  • Test high-speed channels up to 6Gb/s.
  • Measure error rates of up to 8-channels at once.
  • All channels are tested simultaneously.
  • Test DC signals for shorts and opens.